The Complete Guide to Purpose: Finding Your True Passion in Life





  • the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
  • have as one's intention or objective.

Finding Your North Star

What is your life's purpose?

Are you waking up every day excited and full of energy?

Are you a part of a community that you serve?

Psychologists have long studied how meaning goals and purpose span over our lives. The goals that give us a sense of purpose help change the trajectory of our lives. We might find purpose in helping children learn to read. We might find purpose in curing deadly diseases. We might find a purpose by creating software that makes peoples' lives better.

Finding our purpose is easier said than done. Humans have grown to accomplish big things together. Working in a community has made great things happen throughout history. Purpose adapts to the moment. It helps individuals and communities survive and thrive.

While you might believe that purpose stems from your special talents, it really grows from our connection to each other. The crisis of purpose is often due to separation from the community. Once we discover our path, we will find people to travel together toward our North Star.

Finding Purpose & Passion

1. Find & Foster Community

A community is a living, breathing, organism. It gives you a home and a sense of belonging. It allows you to find like-minded people to advance a certain set of goals. Workplaces, churches, and schools are examples of community. People band together with a similar set of ideas to create outcomes in the world. This unity helps create a sense of purpose for the organization and all who belong to it.

2. Tell Your Story

Share your story with the world. Your experience can help impact the world for the better. Sometimes purpose grows out of our own suffering. Sometimes another person's pain can lead us to purpose as well. Learn from our mistakes. Learn from our own shortfalls. Find a purpose through your own narrative.

3. Discover Your Talent

We are all born with a set of gifts. The more that we sharpen these gifts allow us to develop as people. We can find our identity and purpose through what we do. By discovering how to provide value to others, we can double down on them to make the world better.

4. Create Value

Just as Walt Disney used his imagination to add color to the world, you can paint the world in your own style as well. Create value for other people. Be someone that is a producer and not just a consumer. This helps create a community of people who follow what you are doing.

5. Give to Others

When we give from the heart, we seize a common occurrence and give it special meaning. We all have a built-in need to connect to each other. The gift of giving increases intimacy and reduces loneliness. The peace and joy that comes from unconditional generosity make you realize how much power you have to make people feel better. The deeper the connection we have with others, the more purpose we feel.

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